Are Electric Vehicles the Future?

Given the number of electric vehicles planned by manufacturers like General Motors, Honda and Kia, many are predicting Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) will dominate the roads by 2040.  Yes, that's still many years away but that doesn't mean we won't see significant increase in EV and HEV models along the way.  Many manufacturers are stating they will have electric or hybrid options in popular models as soon as 2025 others by 2030. 
Tesla Model S

How Quickly Will the EV Transition Happen?

Some manufacturers like BMW and Mazda are still investing in combustion engine technology because they expect a slow transition and demand for combustion engines will remain strong.  The research and design investments in Hybrid Electric vehicles with both battery/electric and gas combustion capabilities numbers in the billions.
Many believe there will be difficulty supporting the power needs of the EV revolution.  Discussion around the capability of the power grid to support the extra loads continues aggressively in states like California and Texas.  Another topic, the rare earth elements that make up the core of many EV batteries are in high demand.  Will there be enough to go around and where will we put all the batteries which have a lifespan of about seven years?  So many questions exist that even experts are reserved in their predictions to which brand might come out on top or if battery powered electric vehicles are better over hybrid or hydrogen powered options.
Our goal is to help answer some of the many questions surrounding the Electric Vehicle revolution.  This section of our website is dedicated to the most searched EV and HEV questions among those using popular search engines.  We will cover a variety of topics like environmental impacts, batteries, charging and capabilities of electric vehicles.  Please check back regularly as we expect constant updates from various sources in the industry on the progression towards an all-electric transportation future.



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